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The Power of Networking Video Interviews

Aktualisiert: 12. Aug. 2019

”Knowledge is power. Grades are everything. Qualifications before personality.” Those who have just finished high school, university or are still at the beginning of their career will have heard these or similar sentences many times. Because in our performance-oriented society, maximum performance is expected. However, once you have arrived in the real world of work, you quickly notice: yes, good performance is essential. But useful contacts and strong relationships are even more important.

The music industry is no exception and, like all creative industries, the prime example of the relevance of networking. Especially in an area where creative processes and services are important and where the emotional involvement with the own work and person has a significant impact, it is better to collaborate with people whose ways of working, communicating and thinking are already familiar. And frequently first successful cooperations result in recommendations and follow-up tasks, which are not only based on the performance but also sympathy for the person.

The bottom line is clear: in order to be successful in your job, you have to build up and cultivate your contacts and consequently relationships consciously. There is no universal solutions on how to build your network. Because as individual people are, everyone deals with networking in a very different way. However, there are ‘best practices’ on how to tackle and realise this.

And that’s exactly what our new video series on networking will be about in the next few weeks: how do you find new and above all valuable contacts for their careers, whether you are a young professionals or old hand in business, or whether you are a newcomer or established artist? What challenges do you face? And what was networking like before smartphone & co? Exciting answers and tips are waiting for you! Stay tuned!

Part 1 of our video series

Part 2 of our video series

Part 3 of our video series


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