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5 Benefits of smart Networking

Aktualisiert: 12. Aug. 2019

A fisherman throws out his net. By chance, but also by knowledge of the sea and fish, he catches big and small fish. However, fish will escape him if his net is not carefully tied. Nor does he rely on the fact that it is eternally net with one and the same yarn. He rebuilds and cares for it so that he will fish effectively and efficiently again and again.

Whoever does networking knows this procedure. Or maybe not? Personal networks are deliberately and systematically built up, maintained and used. We all do networking, but this will be even more successful if we pay attention to a few things and become aware of the potential consequences. Whoever does networking properly, i. e. systematically, has more potential for success than the one who leads many relationships to many people unplanned. Networking, i. e. the network of relationships, has great potential that can only be exploited through systematic and goal-consciousness. Just like the fishing net, the network of contacts must be carefully maintained and renewed so that no catch is missed.

The „Social Network“

Nothing can replace the human relationship. However, networking is not about arbitrarily making new contacts, but rather the key questions are: “Who is looking for whom and for what?” such as “What can I do to make this search more effective?” Networking is targeted relationship management. Relationships are created through social bonds and social interaction, which is enhanced by emotional intelligence. But what is emotional intelligence and why do we need it? Emotional intelligence, also called empathy, is the perception, use, understanding and influencing of one’s own and foreign emotions. Regular networking encourages your intuitive ability to manage emotions. After all, it is important to know yourself. If we know which emotional state enables us to successfully network without unnecessary stress and even fear, this will help immensely. It is also helpful to know what others can do to help. We should give the network the opportunity to decide whether, when and how they can provide help rather than demand it. We make contacts by applying and, above all, by training our emotional intelligence. The contact is now established and becomes a relationship through repeated meetings, calls or chats. Only here it becomes clear who is engaged in successful networking. When short-term contacts develop into long-term relationships, the emotional and social intelligence has been expanded to become relationship intelligence, and networking has been systematically and successfully pursued.

Positive Benefits of Networking (according to Uwe Scheler 2000, own extension)

1. Networking reduces the „Fear of Rejection“

We haven’t all heard that once: Don’t talk to strangers! Should we now blame our parents for the fact that we have this fear of approaching and talking to strangers? Of course not, just because although this childhood fear, especially in combination with the general fear of rejection, can be very strong, this is completely unfounded with further reflection. Situations like being fully rejected during the contacting someone seem very unlikely, since all these events are about meeting new people. It can always happen that someone doesn’t show interest, but then (in most cases) this is not a personal rejection, but a disinterest of the job or your function that you represent. One thing is for sure: very few people come to networking events to be alone. When talking directly to people, most people will probably be grateful or respect them for the fact that you have taken the first step. You’re not the only one who’s nervous, it’s almost everybody’s first day. Not only did you once again lose your fear of rejection, but you also saved another person from avoiding conversation for fear of rejection.

2. Networking enhances the Relationship Intelligence

In the beginning it’s work, and eventually it’ll be fun. The relationship intelligence is increased, the people around you like to listen to you and effective networking develops. This cycle gets underway and the fun factor increases - that’s what everyone wants, isn’t it?

3. Networking provides Security

Practice creates masters. Every networker has to have his first conversations and overcome his shyness and soon the routine will come. Networking can give self-confidence, as well as the security of being able to rely on others. Everyone sometimes needs support, contact or advice in life. However, you can only count on this if you have built up trusting relationships - an elementary goal of networking.

4. Networking promotes your Development

We do a lot on our own, but in the end we are always dependent on the help and support of others; only then can we reach our full potential. We have been surrounded from an early age by people who influence us - deliberately or unintentionally. When we are adults, we have the opportunity to network systematically. We can therefore specifically select people who can support us, both in professional and personal development.

5. Networking helps you sell

You have goals, want to be successful and achieve something. All this rarely works without the people who make the decisions. In short, you want to sell yourself or something? Know the people in that environment and you will achieve faster results.

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With this in mind: Happy Networking!


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