• Johannes Ripken

Google reviews most 3rd party applications (incl. tamanguu)

Aktualisiert: 3. Sept. 2019

All tamanguu users, who want to connect their Google account to import their contacts, will currently see the following notification:

No need to worry. This is the consequence of the new Google policy with third-party applications, which affected our previously reviewed application as well. For more information about this new policy, please read here, here or here. If you are using tamanguu for a couple of months, you won't remember this notification, because tamanguu was already positively reviewed by Google, even with larger access to data.

However, this policy change was a giant rollback for apps with data access (especially email access).

What does this notification actually mean?

The Google review team needs to review tamanguu (again) and needs to approve our data access, which is the import of contacts only.

To import your contacts to the tamanguu system, you have to click "Advanced" and then "Go to tamanguu (unsafe)", until we are again fully reviewed.

When is tamanguu fully reviewed again?

Actually, we don't know, because Google will have a huge number of apps to be reviewed again. We have provided all needed information to the review team. We hope, it will be reviewed soon.

Is my data safe despite this information?

Yes, of course! For all sensible data, we guarantee highest safety standards. We host our data on servers in Western Europe through Microsoft Azure and operate with "Red Hat Enterprise Linux", an operating system by IBM with the highest standards for data security.

Your data is your data and we (tamanguu) don't have any access to it.

Do you have any questions? Please get in touch with us directly: support@tamanguu.de