• Johannes Ripken

BIG NEWS: tamanguu Open Beta Launch

tamanguu makes the management of your business relationships better and more sustainable.

Manage your business relationships. More efficient. More productive. More sustainable.

FINALLY! After an intensive time of development and a closed beta phase, we now open the doors for all interested people with our free Open Beta.

It's no secret that good relationships and a strong network directly influence or even determine business success. Maintaining relationships with important business partners or those who are to become business partners is therefore crucial.

tamanguu co-founder and CEO Dr. Johannes Ripken has closely experienced and explored in 15 years music industry and as a founder that the maintenance of business relationships is not only essential, but also a huge challenge:

As the network grows, you increasingly lose the overview and focus on the important contacts. Relationship management is rarely pursued in a structured way, so that important contacts are also forgotten. In general, daily tasks and challenges leave little room for sustainable relationship management. Reasons and motivation enough to develop a suitable application with a capable team that is precisely tailored to the needs and challenges of self-employed persons, entrepreneurs and managers.

tamanguu accompanies and assists the user in the processes of business networking and relationship management. The application gives the user an ideal overview of their own important contacts and communication with them. Based on the communication behaviour, tamanguu also generates automatic reminders, which are supplemented with action recommendations for a targeted business relationship management. These reminders and the person-focused workflow increase productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

For example, tamanguu points out e-mails that have not been answered within a few days.

Or ensures that the follow-up process is performed successfully after a personal meeting.

Finally, tamanguu assists continuous communication with the important contacts in order to maintain the relationship sustainably and not to miss any business opportunities.

Keep track of your important contacts and succeed

If this sounds exciting for you, register for free on our website and bring system into your business relationship management!