Rumble in the Streaming-Jungle

So many announcements about streaming services have hit the music industries news in the recent days. It all kind of started with the news that more than 200 independent labels removed their catalogue from Spotify due to the low royalties paid by Spotify. This heated up the discussions about fair payments for audio streaming and whether streaming services cannibalise record sales. Some demonise streaming services, some deny the negative effect on record sales. Two interesting articles on this topic are this one and that one.

In this whole context, there were two other interesting announcements regarding streaming services today:

Apart from that, Apple, Amazon and Google push their cloud-based music services which compete on the digital music market as well.
The next days and week will certainly have more news around digital music, whether it is streaming or cloud-based services.

There is definitely some “rumble in the streaming-jungle” at the moment!

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