Sep 02

Digitalisation in music production and exploitation – blessing or curse?

Over the last weeks and months, I interviewed a couple of artists and fans of electronic music for my PhD research. I want to pick the topic of the digitalisation, especially in matters of music production and exploitation. The digitalisation is a larger topic, which can’t be handled in just one blog article. So, there is now guarantee for completeness, just want to state a few notes on this topic.

Among other aspects, the image of electronic music has been an important topic in these interviews. Both artists and music fans were quite annoyed by the situation that there is so much music released in these days, which would never have been released some years ago, because it sounds like crap. I blame the digitalisation and how music producers, record labels, and distributors use or do not use the digitalisation.

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Aug 25

MySpace 3.0 – taking the bull by the horns

In these days, MySpace announced a planned relaunch with a new focus of their portal, which lost millions of users within this year and last years, and was sold by News Corp to Specific Media and Justin Timberlake in this June for $ 35 mio, while it had been bought for $ 580 mio in 2005.
The Social Media fight against Facebook was lost, therefore a complete new strategy and identity is necessary for MySpace to survive, if they have any chance at all.

The new MySpace shall be a music focused portal, competing with new strong players such as Spotify, Napster, and others. Maybe something like the unsuccessful try by iTunes to enter the social media market, combined with music, as they did with Ping?

Actually, MySpace was (and partly still is) the main “website” of many artists, and it still has a relevance in Google, when you search for an artist. Music has always been the core competence of MySpace.

It will be interesting, how “MySpace 3.0” will look like, which functions it will include, and if it can evolve again to a working portal again, with this new concept. A large marketing campaign, featuring known celebrities and brands, is planned to be launched soon.

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Aug 22

Due to recent events: GEMA vs Youtube, interfered by Anonymous

It happened again: the loose Hacker organisation Anonymous interfered with the current negotiation of GEMA and Youtube by attacking the GEMA website. This time you were welcomed on the modified GEMA landing page with this comment:

Translated: “Unfortunately, this website is not available in Germany (not only), because it relates to a company, for which Anonymous didn’t grant the required civil rights. We are sorry. Not!”

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Aug 17

Johannes Ripken is blogging

For a couple of years, I am working in the music industries as manager and producer, writing a PhD about artist development since 2009, being interested in many kinds of music and media stuff for a long time.

I think, this is a good time to report my experiences and gained knowledge in a blog.

In the near future, you will read experiences I made in the music industries, news about interesting stuff within music and media, and interesting findings from my PhD research.

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