Music documentary: David Guetta – Nothing but the Beat

Over the last years, David Guetta definitely put himself in the spotlight of the electronic music scene, in particular the House music scene. Number 1 hits, successful albums, worldwide headliner bookings, awards. This year, that resulted in the top ranking in the DJ Mag list for the most popular worldwide DJ.

I don’t want to lose too many words on David Guetta, because most people will know him. What I just found on Youtube, is the 1 hour-documentary about him, House music in general and artists around him. It gives some good insights into his career and House music. The epynomous documentary to his recent successful album “Nothing but the Beat” is definitely worth watching it (and definitely better than the “One” documentary about Swedish House Mafia) ­čÖé !

Here we go:

Edit (19.12.2011): Additionally, I would like to recommend an interview of the German magazine SPEX with David Guetta (it’s in English language), as it provides more interesting insights into David Guetta’s career:┬á

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