Due to recent events: GEMA vs Youtube, interfered by Anonymous

It happened again: the loose Hacker organisation Anonymous interfered with the current negotiation of GEMA and Youtube by attacking the GEMA website. This time you were welcomed on the modified GEMA landing page with this comment:

Translated: “Unfortunately, this website is not available in Germany (not only), because it relates to a company, for which Anonymous didn’t grant the required civil rights. We are sorry. Not!”

If this is a funny, useful or necessary interference or not, might be different, depending on the eye of the observer. But I doubt that it will help to speed up or improve the negotiations between GEMA and Youtube.

To be honest, the negotiations are lasting for a long time. In the meanwhile, other collecting societies such as PRS for Music in the UK, made contracts with Youtube and receive money for the use of music on Youtube.

Many users from Germany experience a comparable image like the landing page image above, when they try to watch music videos on Youtube, because Youtube blocked these videos due to the negotiations with GEMA. Contrary to this regulation, GEMA commented they asked just to block a few sample videos on Youtube, which are used as sample negotiation.

For externals, it is difficult to evaluate the situation between Youtube and GEMA, which activities or comments are used to improve the own image, which was attacked by publishing information about this longlasting negotiation, although they signed agreements of keeping the process confidential.

In my opinion, it is important for both sites to make a contract as soon as possible, because it is a lose-lose-situation at the moment:
– Youtube is partly not usable for consumers from Germany, which does not satisfy the users. Therefore, Youtube may lose customers and their image to be a great platform to explore music and artists with audiovisual content. Music (videos) is the most important content for Youtube. They can’t afford to lose this content.
– GEMA doesn’t improve their image with this longlasting negotiation. Users are annoyed by not being able to watch their favourite music videos on Youtube. Composers and songwriters, registered to GEMA, don’t receive any ┬áincome from the usage of their music on Youtube, and may not use Youtube completely as a promotion channel

The aim should be to close these negotiations as soon as possible. And I am pretty sure, as I said above, that such activities by Anonymous do not speed up this process.
Well done, Anonymous. NOT!

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2 thoughts on “Due to recent events: GEMA vs Youtube, interfered by Anonymous

  1. But we’re all talking about it. The normal people usually dont care much about GEMA (exept Youtube…). But now they got much more attention, how stupid the hole organisation is.

    Lets just count 2 things

    863 Million Income
    127 Million Inhouse Costs

    almost 15%

    Cheers from Berlin ­čśë

    • Yes, the Inhouse costs are way too high.
      But what would you do, if this organisation didn’t exist, regarding your copyright income? It is not manageable on everyone’s own. I think, GEMA in general is something, which musicians need and deserve as income stream.
      But obviously, there are possibilities to improve the organisation.

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