Clubbing Capital Berlin – Real Scenes Berlin documentary

Recently, I’ve found a very nice documentary about the clubbing scene in Berlin, with commentaries on the scene after the fall of the wall in 1989/1990 and the scene nowadays.

It gives some nice insights, how and why Berlin evolved to one of the most important cities of electronic music.

Check it out!

Real Scenes: Berlin from Resident Advisor on Vimeo.

PS: I have to admit that I personally don’t like the Berlin clubbing scene that much, because I prefer other styles of electronic music (Trance, Hardtrance, Dance, Trouse, “Mainstream” House, Electro House) than most of the clubs in Berlin feature. The Berlin scene is very alternative, with much Minimal House, Techno, Tech-House, etc. Not my cup of tea. But with a neutral perspective, not involving personal music tastes, this documentary is great!

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