CeBIT 2017 snapshot: – Like being on Stage with Robbie Williams

During my visit of the CeBIT 2017, I met some people, who are doing or planning something really awesome. So, I have decided to spread some slices and snapshots here on my blog.

Let’s start with the service, which offers streaming live concerts through their platform for a reasonable price. (CeBIT page:

Use case: your favorite artist’s concert is sold out, too expensive or not at your place, but you would like to join it. So, Livyu offers live and on demand streams of this concert.

Actually, the idea, which they are already offering right now (streaming live concerts), is not new. But at CeBIT, I experienced  a fantastic showcase or prototype of what you can expect somewhen soon, and which looks to me like the next big step of combining live concerts and virtual reality:

At their CeBIT exhibition stand, I put on Virtual Reality glasses to join a “landing room” and jump into a concert of Robbie Williams. When you are live at a concert, you have one spot and experience the concert with just one view towards the stage. With the Livyu service and therefore as well in this showcase, I was able to decide where I want to be at the concert including a 360° view: in the front, in the back, and even on stage next to Robbie Williams and his band. Actually, an experience, which looks very promising to me. Livyu will achieve this ambitious goal with numerous cameras at the concert, which generate such an opportunity to enjoy the concert.

Certainly, such an Virtual Reality experience cannot be compared to being in one venue with thousands of other fans. But I must say, it offers a completely different and also great experience.

This “on stage with Robbie Williams”-experience is however an outlook to the future of Livyu. At the moment, the awarded start up company has started its service with a couple of live stream concerts, paired with additional and exclusive content to a reasonable prices.

With this vision of the VR-experience at live concerts, is definitely a possible next big thing and I will stay tuned to what they will do and offer in the near future.

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