CeBIT 2017 – why and what for the Music Industries?

Every year, the CeBIT in Hannover (Germany) takes place as the  largest trade fair for the computer industry and digital world. This year, it takes place from the 20th March until the 23rd March, and I will be there on the 21st March – actually for the first time.

Despite the computer industry and digital industry has much in common and many parallels with the music industry, it is not very popular for the music industry insiders as a meeting or training event. Probably, that’s one reason why I haven’t been there before.

However, the opportunity arouses to visit the CeBIT this year. So, let’s go!
To make the most out of this 1-day visit, I have already checked the keynotes, panels, exhibitors and new products in the trade fair and conference programm. In general, the main topics of the trade fair are Internet of Things, Big Data, the comprehensive digitalisation of our life and work (called d!conomy), Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence etc. All these topics (will) touch the music industries at some point.

From the large program, I have picked a few topics, dedicated to the music industry without any diversions:

21st March: Zukunftsmusik – der Traum vom perfekten Klang (engl.: “Dreams of the Future – the dream of the perfect sound”, actually the German word for “dreams of the future” suits as a metopher as it includes music… anyway)

The inventor of the MP3, Dr. Karlheinz Brandenburg, speaks about the newest technologies and researches regarding digital sound (experience) and gives an outlook where this research and technology area moves to in the next years. This might be very interesting, as it has a large impact on the music industries! e.g. the MP3 changed literally everything regarding music consumption.

24rd March: Digitalisation in the Music Industry 

Too bad that this takes place on the 24th March, when I can’t be at the CeBIT, as two well known personalities of the German music industry will discuss this major topic. The DJ and producer Mousse T and the musician Rainer Schumann (member of the band “Fury in the Slaughterhouse”) will be on this panel. Especially, Mousse T, globally known for his hit “Sex Bomb” with Tom Jones, is always a pleasure on such panels, as experienced in the past.

Exhibitor: Music Analysis and Light Control

Three young guys from Karlsruhe develop a javascript program which analyses music in realtime and transforms these sound elements through a matrix and DMX interfaces to light devices. Actually, this has a few aspects in common to my vision of future music consumption, which I have in my mind for a couple of years. So, it will be worth checking out.


Certainly, these three program items are very little which directly affects the music industry at CeBIT. However, I’ve spotted a lot of conference events which definitely relate to the music industry, even only on the 21st March:

Digital Marketing – More Success with the combination of content and commerce

Success factors for Targeting and Customisation in the Internet

Marketing in the age of the Internet of Things

Big Data Advanced Analytics – the 7 major topics

More Success in Distribution with intelligent assistance in CRM

So, I am looking forward to my visit at the world’s largest computer trade fair.

Please get in touch, if you will be there as well for a possible catching up!

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