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Feb 23

Does music streaming have the potential for a new ‘Golden Age’ for the recorded music industry?

The opinions about streaming as “saviour” or as “killer” of the recorded music industry couldn’t be more diverse. Some participants of the industry see a huge long-term potential in streaming. Other participants compare the instant license opportunities of selling music on … Read More

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Jun 19

[German] Kommentar zu “Kann man Popmusik lernen, Herr Wandjo?”

Vor wenigen Tagen erschien auf der Website WeCab ein Interview mit Professor Hubert Wandjo, dem Business Director der Popakademie, wo ich meinen Bachelor in Musikbusiness studiert habe. Insgesamt trifft es das Interview absolut auf den Punkt, inwieweit Popmusik und deren … Read More

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Dec 05

New research study: Piracy effects on media economics

A renowned research company called “House of Research” has recently published a new study regarding the piracy effects on media economics. The study has been supported by the “Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg”. The full research in German language can be accessed here: … Read More

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