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Today’s article is a website recommendation for everyone, who wants to stay up-to-date on a daily basis about the latest news from the music industry, about comprehensive information about new trends in the business and technology around music, and wants to expand the knowledge about the music industries.

Hypebot, founded in 2005, is the best resource for insiders of the music industries in my opinion.

Here are some recent interesting articles, published on the blog:

A Complete Guide to SEO for Musicians

How the Music Industry can change for the better

101 Ways to break into the Music Industry

Two more older articles, but with a high value to read it:

How to survive the Music Industry in 2017

Well being in the Music Industry

Check out Hypebot regularly! [next to this blog ­čśë well.. the frequency of articles is obviously much higher at hypebot]

Leave a comment, what you think of hypebot, and which other blogs and resources are a must-read in your opinion!

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